Andean Geology

Andean Geology (formerly Revista Geológica de Chile), founded in 1974, with an electronic version since 1998 ( and indexed by WOS since 1993, publishes original and review articles, in Spanish or English, related to major topics of broad interest in Earth Sciences dealing with the geology of South and Central America and Antarctica, and particularly of the Andes. The journal is published by Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería (National Survey of Geology and Mining), with the scientific collaboration from the Geological Society of Chile.

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Vol 41, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Research article

Geochemistry, U-Pb SHRIMP zircon dating and Hf isotopes of the Gondwanan magmatism in NW Argentina: petrogenesis and geodynamic implications PDF HTML
Stella Poma, Eduardo O. Zappettini, Sonia Quenardelle, Joao O. Santos, †Magdalena Koukharsky, Elena Belousova, Neal J. McNaughton 267-292
Basement geometry and sediment thickness of lago Fagnano (Tierra del Fuego) PDF HTML
Federico Damián Esteban, Alejandro Tassone, Emanuele Lodolo, Marco Menichetti, Horacio Lippai, Nicolas Waldmann, Alexia Darbo, Luca Baradello, Juan Francisco Vilas 293-313
Origin of waters from small springs located at the northern coast of Chile, in the vicinity of Antofagasta PDF HTML
Christian Herrera Lameli, Emilio Custodio 314-341
Current active front of the Central Andes at Mendoza city latitude (32º50ʼ-33ºS). PDF HTML
Stella M. Moreiras, Laura B. Giambiagi, Silvana Spagnotto, Silvina Nacif, Jose Mescua, Rafael Toural Dapoza 342-361
Postglacial vegetation reconstruction and its relation with the relative sea-level rise in the E extreme of Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. PDF HTML
Ana María Borromei, Juan Federico Ponce, Andrea Coronato, Maria Soledad Candel, Daniela Olivera, Masaaki Okuda 362-379
Geochemistry of middle Cambrian to early Ordovician metasedimentary rocks of the Sierra de Los Llanos (Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina): Source of sediments, correlations and geotectonic setting. PDF HTML
Sebastián O. Verdecchia, Juan Alberto Murra, Edgardo Gaspar Baldo, Cesar Casquet, Inmaculada Pascua-González, Julio Saavedra 380-400
Inorganic geochemistry as indicator of provenance and sedimentary environment in black shales: the tithonian transgressive deposits of the Neuquén basin (Vaca Muerta Formation), Argentina. PDF HTML
Luis A. Spalletti, Ernesto Schwarz, Gonzalo D. Veiga 401-435

Geological Note

First radiometric age (U-Pb, LA-ICP-MS, on detrital zircons) from the Punta Topocalma Formation: insights on Late Cretaceous marine deposition in central Chile PDF HTML
Alfonso Encinas, Wolfgang Stinnesbeck, Victor A. Valencia 436-445
Collaborators of the number PDF

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