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Vol 42, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents

Research article

Hydrological change during the Pleistocene-Holocene transition associated with the Last Glacial Maximum-Altithermal in the eastern border of northern Puna. HTML PDF
Romina L. Lopez Steinmetz, Claudia I. Galli 1-19
Neogene structure of the Andean Precordillera, Argentina: insights from analogue models HTML PDF
Sebastián Oriolo, Ernesto Osvaldo Cristallini, María Silvia Japas, Daniel Leonardo Yagupsky 20-35
Counterclockwise post-emplacement evolution of metatroctolites from aluminé igneous-metamorphic complex, neuquén, argentina. HTML PDF
Ivana Alejandra Urraza, Sergio Delpino, Laura Grecco 36-55
A new Hypsodont Notoungulate (Hegetotheriidae, Pachyrukhinae) from the late Miocene of the Eastern Cordillera, Salta province, Northwest of Argentina. HTML PDF
Marcelo Alfredo Reguero, Adriana M. Candela, Claudia I. Galli, Ricardo Bonini, Damian Voglino 56-70
Systematic revision of Late Triassic marine gastropods from Central Perú: considerations on the Late Triassic/Early Jurassic faunal turnover. HTML PDF
S. Mariel Ferrari 71-96
Hybrid coastal edges in the Neuquén Basin (Allen Formation, Upper Cretaceous, Argentina). HTML PDF
Paula Armas, María Lidia Sánchez 97-113
Sedimentology and Ichnology of fluvio-dominated deltas affected by hyperpycnal discharges Lajas Formation (Middle Jurassic), Neuquén Basin, Argentina. HTML PDF
Nerina Canale, Juan José Ponce, Noelia Beatriz Carmona, Daniel Isaías Drittanti, Daniela Elizabeth Olivera, Marcelo Adrián Martínez, Constanza Naimé Bournod 114-138

Geological Note

A critical examination of evidence used to re-interpret the Hornitos mega-breccia as a mass-flow deposit caused by cliff failure. HTML PDF
Jacobus P. Le Roux 139-145
Collaborators of the number PDF

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