Vol 43, No 2 (2016)

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Research article

Palynological evidence of the geoecological belts dynamics from Eastern Cordillera of NW Argentina (23° S) during the Pre-Last Glacial Maximum HTML PDF
Gonzalo R. Torres, Liliana C. Lupo, Julio J. Kulemeyer, Claudio F. Pérez 151-165
Hydrothermal alteration, fumarolic deposits and fluids from Lastarria Volcanic Complex: A multidisciplinary study HTML PDF
Felipe Aguilera, Susana Layana, Augusto Rodríguez-Díaz, Cristóbal González, Julio Cortés, Manuel Inostroza 166-196
Diagenetic analysis of tetrapod from the Upper Triassic, Puesto Viejo Group, Argentina HTML PDF
Elena Previtera, Adriana C. Mancuso, Marcelo S. De la fuente, Eloy S. Sánchez 197-214
Depositional model and sequential evolution of the upper Quintuco Formation in its type area: implications for paleogeographic reconstructions for the southern Neuquén Basin during the Valanginian HTML PDF
Mariana S. Olivo, Ernesto Schwarz, Gonzalo D. Veiga 215-239

Geological Note

Temporal seismic wave velocity variations at Láscar volcano HTML PDF
Diego M. González, Klaus Bataille, Tom Eulenfeld, Luis E. Franco 240-246
Collaborators of the number PDF

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