Upper Triassic Dipteridaceae (Filicales) from Chile.

Rafael Herbst


Five species of Dipteridaceae from different Upper Triassic localities of Chile are described, including two new ones: Dictyophyllum (Dictyophyllum) fuenzalidai and Goeppertella taverai. As elsewhere in Gondwana areas these ferns appear commonly with the 'Dicroidium flora'. Goeppertella, a typical Liassic genus is cited for the first time in Chile for the Triassic. Dictyophyllum (D.) tenuifolium (Stipanicic y Menéndez), which was described in previous papers for this country as D. carlsoni Nathorst or ? D. acutilobum Braun, is very common in the Triassic, while D. (Thaumatopteris) rothi Frenguelli is frequent in the Lias of Argentina.

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